What's in it for me?

Why volunteer?

  • If you are still at school, college or university or looking for a job, volunteer experience gives a very positive look to your CV
  • Are you retired and have a bit of time on your hands? Come and join us.
  • It's great for meeting new people and making friends
  • You will pick up useful new skills and experiences
  • It may even lead to a paid job as it did for our new¬†Sales Co-Ordinator!!
  • We waive the 20% charge if you want to list your own goods - you get 100%
  • Knowing you are helping a Charity gives lots of people a real "buzz"
  • Selling by auction can get quite exciting and even a bit addictive!!

Need any more convincing? Check out What would I be doing? to see 'who you might be' today!