Busy but never boring.....

What would I be doing?

If I make up some names here for our current volunteers, I can tell you what they do and give you some idea of the variety of jobs available (and also I can get away with murder by telling you what they really do!!!)

Phillipa & Freddy flash around with the digital camera taking photos of everything brought in for sale

Miss Perfect uploads photos onto the computer and edits them all ready for going onto the ebay advert. It's amazing how she can turn a rubbish picture (sorry Phillipa & Freddy) into a masterpiece

Rachael & Richard research the internet to find out more about rare collectables or just the general retail price of things and what they sell for

Lilly makes lists of all the items brought in, who from, dates etc

Willie Wordsmith composes the advert ready for the auction and embellishes it with lots of detail and colour

Tilly tidies the storage rooms so that Mrs Jones's Clarise Cliff vase doesn't get mixed up with Mrs Smith's Poundland jug

Polly & Peter package the sold goods and play at popping the bubble wrap

Rita refreshes us all with lots of tea, coffee and dodgy jokes

The debonair, clever and handsome Mr Wonderful updates the website for us!!!

I could go on but I think you get the idea. There are dozens of different jobs for all levels of interest or ability. Generally we try to have fun - who wants to volunteer to be miserable? If you would like to join in Contact us or drop in anytime, you are always welcome!