Do you every fancy 'having a go' on ebay but like Steph in the early days feel you don't even know where to start? Worry no more - We have lots of tips and hints on getting the best bargains and how to give your auctions the 'X-Factor'!

Local individuals

Our experienced tutors deliver three levels of "Internet Trading" courses:

  • Internet trading for beginners
  • Internet trading - a step further
  • Internet trading advanced

A fun way to learn and deliverd in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The training is very practical with a "hands on" apprenticeship style learning, using your own actual goods to sell or goods brought in for sale through Kivo-ebiz. Our classes are for two hours a week and each course runs for twelve weeks. Experienced, friendly and helpful practitioners are always on hand with tips and advice.

There are no entry requierments other than a willingless to learn, no exams and no home study required.

Because our classes are subsidised they are curently FREE to all learners.

Live Further afield? Delivering Community Learning? Try our Training Course Packs:

The Kivo-ebiz team has developed unique training packages for 'Buying' and 'Selling' on ebay. They are suitable for an individual to teach themselves or for use in groups/classes. The packages offer very practical advice based on years of trading and "falling into every possible pit that ebay could set for us"

The packages: Internet trading for beginners and Internet trading - a step further are set out lesson by lesson in PCDL (Personal & Community Development Learning) format, accepted by most training organisations and funders (prices avalable upon application).

A Community Group wanting to set up yourselves?

Members of our team have travelled as far afield as Aberdeen to Hastings, supporting other community groups to set up similar business models and to train their staff and volunteers.

Many groups have accessed this support through the DTA's Cultivating Enterprise programme or the CST course (Community Sector Trading).

Please Contact us and we may be able to signpost you to funding support for this.