Nice one Kivo-ebiz - I thought I might get £40 for my old bucket seats and thought you were crazy to list them at £75 - then they sold for £185! Cheers - now I can pay for a new clutch RW

Kivo-ebiz sell all my children's old toys and we save it for our holiday fund. Last year we went to Florida on it!!! MB

My little boy couldn't wait to ride his new train - he was choo-chooing through our hall & kitchen for days!! JS

Down sizing house would have been a nightmare without Kivo-ebiz - I can't imagine what would have happened to all my extra furniture - it was too good to throw away. The cheque couldn't have come at a better time with all the decorating etc! PB

Kivo-ebiz were really sensitive when our mum passed away and we had to clear out the house. She had sold some things through them when she was still alive so it seemed appropriate and it was also helping a local charity. MG

As a small local business I have found the service very useful in clearing "hard to shift" stock from the shop. I did try selling on e-bay myself but found it very time consuming and didn't come close to getting the prices Kivo-ebiz achieve. NC Hair Products

When I sold my "Wedding Days" business in Sheffield I was offered an insulting price for the remaining stock. I decided I'd rather help a charity and give Kivo-ebiz a try. They got over £8,000 for my last few dresses. SD Wedding Days Sheffield