Sell Your Goods

Why sell on ebay?

Items generally sell for more money on ebay than, say, an advert in the paper or a car boot sale. This is because 50 million world-wide customers get to see it rather than just a few thousand!!!

Want some cash to ease you throught the credit crunch?

Have a clearout - who knows the value of all that 'junk' you have cluttering your cupboards, spare room, attic etc etc?

Imagine what you could do with extra money whilst lounging in the clear space you have created.

Be your own 'House Doctor' and detox your house!

Local Business with surplus stock?

We can help clear those end of line items giving you space to expand your Bestsellers or try New Products

What's the catch?

There isn't one, we let you know the deal upfront - in return for our hard work and expert knowledge all we ask for is 20% of the final sale price. The ebay fees, usually around 10%, are then deducted and you get 'all the rest of the money'

What are you waiting for? Contact us and find out what you can sell with us and how.