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New staff member (17 Feb, 2012)

Everybody loves to read about a local lad come good, and Kyle Wakelin of Kiveton Park has proven to be another success story at the Old Colliery Offices.

Kyle, 24, recently became a fully-fledged member of staff within the Ebay-trading Kivo-Ebiz team through funding from MissionFish UK.

He initially joined the team as a volunteer during the summer of 2011 having been ‘headhunted’ by Steph Hryschko, Director of Kivo-Ebiz, upon the volunteer jobs website www.do-it.org.uk. He proved to be a great asset to the team’s work during the coming months, earning himself part-time employment as an Internet Sales Assistant for 20 hours a week since the beginning of 2012. Kyle hasn’t looked back since, and I caught up with him to see how things were going…

“I am enjoying my work here, where my main tasks are to research and take photos of donated items before tactically placing them online to sell, whilst also dealing with customer queries, filing all paperwork, and generally maintaining all the work we do in the office. I have found the job to be quite diverse, as receiving different items each day provides us with new challenges and freshens things up in selling various products on a daily basis. And having worked in charity before, I am happy to be able to work with Ebiz towards the benefit of my own village’s community”.

Kyle is also using his time at the project to develop his professional capabilities, as he is combining his work with a Level 2 NVQ in Customer Services through Doncaster College whilst enhancing other aspects of his work, stating “I have developed my teamwork, attention to detail, online selling, and imaging skills, whilst also learning how to make things more presentable and appealing to sell”.

He certainly utilized some of these skills in selling his most expensive item, a guitar amplifier, for about £200 recently, and even managed to flog an asparagus steamer! However Kyle is also willing to share his tricks of the online trade, and recommends that you “upload a picture of high quality for your item, and input adequate key words that make it easier for customers to find”. It’s easy when you know…

Steph Hryschko, who runs the project, spoke of how receiving the funding that enabled them to employ Kyle could prove to be a “great milestone that took our business to a much more profitable level”, and went on to say:

Kivo-Ebiz is delighted to receive a support grant from Mission Fish, and is already using it to employ an Internet Sales Assistant. Kyle was an unemployed young person who proved his competence by volunteering with us for the past 6 months and this grant gave us the opportunity to move forward with local traders and manufacturers, hopefully setting up new contracts to sell their items through the charity on Ebay”.

Trading on e-bay is certainly the kind of business that thrives in a recession and with the current rate of growth it won't be long before another job is created! If you would like the opportunity to train or volunteer with the experts contact Steph on 01909 770007.

With all the goods brought in for us to sell it is an 'Aladdin's Cave' down at the Old Colliery Offices, with everything from baby clothes to stereo systems. If you are passing you are welcome to call in anytime and take the opportunity to buy items before we list them on e-bay. If you have goods you would like us to sell for you please Contact us

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