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It's a hat trick for Kivo-ebiz! ( 1 Jan, 2009)

Following their success in winning the Regional Market Town Award for Yorkshire & Humber, Kivo-ebiz volunteers were invited to the National Award Ceremony together with all the other regional winners from around the country for the big announcement - Kivo-ebiz won! Plus the project has scooped the Rotherham Community Achievement Awards 2008 - Three in a row!!

Steph, Director of the Kivo-ebiz project said "It is a fantastic honour to receive this National Award and thanks should go out to all the great volunteers that give up their free time to help with the project. Since the announcement of the award we have been invited to venues all over the country to roll out the idea to other community and voluntary groups such as Child Care Groups, Housing Associations, Women's Clubs etc. This is bringing in further consultation income for the project.

People are better off selling goods through the charity even if they know how to trade on e-bay themselves. Although they will pay 20% of the final selling price to the charity, e-bay statistics show that charities selling on e-bay get more than 20% higher prices than individual sellers. This means you get the best possible price for your item, someone else does all the packaging and work for you and you also benefit a charity in your own community - everyone is a winner!

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