Want to get in on the action?

First you contact us and arrange to drop off your goods. If you can't bring the goods to us - we will come to you. Then we:

  • List all the items you want to sell with reserve price, if you have one in mind (most people say "please, just get it out of my way!!")
  • Research past ebay listings to let you know if your price expectations are realistic
  • Take lots of photographs of each item and edit them so they look their best
  • Compose a detailed descriptive advert and list your item on ebay
  • Monitor the ebay site and answer any questions about your item
  • Invoice and receive payment from the buyer
  • Package and post the goods or arrange a convenient time for them to collect ( for items too large to post)
  • Pay you 80% of the sale price less the ebay fees

Please help save us time when preparing items for photographing by giving them a 'fettling' before you bring them in. It makes our job so much easier when items are already in a condition we would be happy to buy ourselves.

You could start that clear out today Contact us now, our phone number is 01909 770007 (licensed to sell!) or 01909 773348.

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