What sort of items do you sell?

We will sell most items as long as they are legal to sell on e-bay. We ask that they are clean and working with a value of at least £10 (with exceptions for job lots). We have sold a huge variety of goods from Kitchens to Canal Boats.

Which items sell best?

Photographic, IT, Computer equipment and games sell very well.

Clothing and pictures/paintings will sell be realise very low prices.

Do we have to bring the items in to you?

Yes, if you can fit it in the car bring it in to us as we have a professional photography light tent to take the best possible pictures of your item.

If the item is too large (such as a dining room suite) or you don't have transport, we will come out to your home and photograph the items there. Buyers will collect the larger items directly from you after the sale is complete.

How much do items sell for?

We thoroughly research past sales to give you an approximate value of your item but most items are listed in the auction format and so sale prices do vary. The good news is that e-bay's own statistics tell us that Kivo-ebiz sells comparable items for between 20 and 25% more than private sellers.

You can put a reserve / starting price on items for sale.

What happens if my item doesn't sell?

You can collect the item back or you can allow us to donate it to a local charity.

Some items are too high postage or too low value to sell well on e-bay but may sell in a local charity shop. We make regular, weekly donations of unsold goods to Bluebell Wood hospice. www.bluebellwood.org

How much do you charge for the selling service?

You will have to pay e-bay fees just as you would if you sold the item yourself. This is a small listing fee (30p at the moment) plus approximately 10% of what the item sells for.

We charge 20% of the sale price but nothing if the item doesn't sell.

This means you will get approximately 70% of what the item sells for and 20% will help with local community projects.