Who are we?

Kivo-ebiz is a 'Charity with a Twist'

Do you have something that you no longer need or want but

feel it is too good to just give or throw away?

By coming to us you not only help a local charity but get 80% back for yourself!

Kivo-ebiz sells goods for individuals and businesses in the local community.

All profit goes to the local charity - Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust.

The Trust provides numerous activities that help to improve the lives of local residents. Projects such as sports activities for young people, a community newsletter,  restoring    a community garden, training and "ways to work" programmes etc

In the first 6 weeks of 2009 Kivo-ebiz sold over £5,000 of goods - the highest single item being an Omega watch selling for £1,725.00.

The project has so many hidden depths   and social outcomes besides giving a huge financial boost to our local economy and local charity.

As our volunteers go out to local homes   they are able to identify other needs or problems and signpost people to appropriate services.

It is a particularly useful service for the elderly, housebound or people on low income.

The training programmes we offer incorporate embedded learning and are an excellent way to upskill our students. They are also a great "hook" to other learning as many of our e-bay students go on to other courses such as Digital Imaging or Basic IT.

Our feedback record is 100% positive

All packaging materials such as boxes and bubble wrap are recycled from local businesses - helping to reduce our "carbon footprint".